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 Hello and thank you so much for stopping by PurrfectlyPosh Ragdolls! We are a small cattery located in Central Virginia that specializes in breeding beautiful, T.I.C.A. registered Ragdoll cats. We fell in love with the beauty and the temperament of Ragdolls and are so excited to be able to produce such incredible, loving animals that would make an awesome addition to your family.


 We are committed to raising healthy, well socialized kittens, and have chosen to breed the exotic colors mink, sepia and chocolate as well as traditional.

  The Ragdoll is an affectionate, intelligent, relaxed in temperament, gentle, and an easy-to-handle lap cat. The animals are often known as "puppy cats", "dog-like cats", "cat-dogs", etc., because of their placid nature and affectionate behavior, with the cats often following owners from room to room as well as seeking physical affection akin to certain dog breeds. Ragdolls can be trained to retrieve toys and enjoy doing so.

  Ragdolls are commonly described as large, fluffy, floppy cats with broad chests and large blue eyes although a mink or sepia Ragdoll can have aqua eyes as well. The male ragdoll can reach over 20 pounds in weight, making them one of the largest breeds of domestic cat. The females are usually a little smaller than the males, weighing between 10 and 15 pounds. They are very slow to mature (size and color-wise), so it takes about two years for them to attain their full coat and color.  They continue to grow for 3-4 years.